Delta Phi Chi Military Sorority, Inc., is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization founded, on 1 March 2017.  One of the many things that makes Delta Phi Chi unique is our six Ideals and the manner and purpose behind its founding.  Our founder built an organization that would foster her beliefs of womanhood and support among women currently serving in the United States Armed Forces or for those Women, whom have served honorably in the past and their families.

We pride ourselves on our six ideals:

  • LOYALTY: To the Founder, Officers and Women of Delta Phi Chi, loyalty is an important part of being a woman.  In Delta Phi Chi, our women demonstrate loyalty in the following ways: loyalty to ourselves as women, loyalty to each other as women and loyalty to our prestigious womanhood of Delta Phi Chi.
  • INTEGRITY: Women of Delta Phi Chi are honest in all their thoughts, actions and embody strong moral principles, moral uprightness and wholeness.
  • RESPECT: All potential and existing women of Delta Phi Chi will be treated with respect and admiration.
  • GROWTH: Each of us embarks on a personal, evolutionary process as we develop into our womanhood. Our obligations as women is to help other women in this process. We should recognize and act on this mission daily.
  • COMRADERY: Each woman of Delta Phi Chi will keep each other upbeat despite the difficulty of our current circumstances. We shall RISE together!
  • WOMANHOOD: “Out of the huts of History’s shame, I RISE!  Up from a past that’s rooted in pain, I RISE! I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide, welling and swelling I bear in the tide. Leaving behind nights of terror and fear, I RISE! Into a daybreak that’s wonderfully clear, I RISE!”
    ~Dr. Maya Angelou

Delta Phi Chi provides an everlasting womanhood that enriches the lives of its members by developing genuine friendships, nurturing individuality and expanding social opportunities. We accomplish this by following through with our mission which encompasses four goals:

  • To INSPIRE, UPLIFT and EMPOWER active duty women, veterans and their families alike. 
  • To embrace a legacy of superior womanhood, within the sorority, in and out of the military.
  • To provide a safe place, within our ranks, where we can grow as women and accept each other for the differences we represent. 
  • To establish and be the “GO TO” military sorority at all military installations, worldwide.

The vision of Delta Phi Chi is to be an Ambassador for our Sisters-in-Arms, their Families and for those women who have served honorably in the past.  As Ambassadors, we are committed to creating an environment where women can flourish, explore, and embrace the wholeness of womanhood. Through research, networks, and inventions the women of Delta Phi Chi will strive to build a lasting legacy of combating: untreated mental health diseases, homelessness, and educational disparity of women military service members and women veterans. As Ambassadors we are bound to our servitude to our military communities using our gifts and talents.

We, the Women of Delta Phi Chi are extremely proud of our prestigious organization and having the ability to create it. Our most important quest now is to seek Women that will continue on this path of excellence.



Within Delta Phi Chi, there’s a strong emphasis on a high level of quality, both in our Sisters and in all that we accomplish together, within our organization. We are not the only Military Sorority (nor is that our goal), but we are a group of women who take our ideals of Loyalty, Respect, Integrity, Growth, Comradery and Womanhood  to heart. Our ideals coupled with our passion for our mission, are the guides for everything our Womanhood does. We look to induct women who value these ideals and desire genuine womanhood.

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Delta Phi Chi Military Sorority, Inc., awards scholarships in recognition of academic excellence and financial need.  Each year outstanding young women are able to continue their education because of the generosity of our Founder, Members and Donors who contribute to existing scholarships or establish new ones.