Greetings Sisters-In-Arms!!

Thank you for your interest in our prestigious Military Sorority, Delta Phi Chi. We are an organization that caters to U.S. Armed Forces women and women veterans . Keeping you in mind, we’ve constructed a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to address some of the many inquiries we receive about membership in Delta Phi Chi. We hope that your specific question(s) will be answered; however, if you have further questions pertaining to membership, please feel free to email your questions to


Q: What if I belong to another Military Greek-letter organization, am I still eligible for membership?

A: No. You can not hold dual membership in the organizations. You must have resigned your membership before applying to Delta Phi Chi.

Q: I am no longer an active duty member, but in the reserves, am I still eligible?

A:Yes. Membership is extended to active duty, reserves and national guard members.

Q: I was honorably discharged from the military, am I still eligible for membership?

A:Yes. Membership is extended to our women veterans who have received an honorable discharge.

Q: What if I previously held membership in another Military Greek-letter organization, am I eligible for membership?

A: Yes. If disaffiliated less than 6 months, a letter of disaffiliation must be included with your application. Exceptions to this policy will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Q: If I meet all requirements listed for membership, do I automatically receive an invitation for membership intake?

A: No.The information listed is basic requirements and is only the prerequisites for applying.  

Q: I'm currently in Basic Training or AIT. Am I eligible for membership?

A: No. Applicants must be stationed at their permanent duty station to apply.

Q: I'm interested in starting a chapter. What are the requirements?

A: You must be a member of Delta Phi Chi for 1 year, have at least 8 members within a 30 mile radius of the anticipated chapter location.

Q: I'm interested in applying in a location where there's no chapter, can I still apply?

A: Yes. Although there’s no chapter in your location, we still have National Lines and Clusters that have members located throughout the US and International.

Q: I'm currently deployed, am I still eligible for membership?

A:Yes. However, we do not recommend pledging while deployed due to the time required for the intake process.

Q. In the event I'm not able to participate in the process once I've paid, will I be given a refund?
A. Unfortunately, a refund will not be given. However, you are able to re-apply within 12 months and your payment will carryover.