Seated: *Nia Childs-Waynes (Left) & Founder Jennifer Berry (Right)

Members: *M. Head- B. Simmons- B. Smith- *C. Barnes- A. Lee- *T. Price- T. Burney- C. Newkirk-McDowell- C. Smith- *L. Briggs- B. Frazier- C.Reid – *D. Valentin- C. Godwin

*Denotes disaffiliation from the organization.

Historical 14 Treasures of Prestige

On 15 July 2017, Delta Phi Chi Military Sorority, Incorporated inducted their very first members, National Line Alpha (NL-Alpha). NL-Alpha consisted of 14 phenomenal Women from all branches of the United States Armed Forces and walks of life. Some served together in the military and some met for the first time during the Transformation Intake Process. Although each of their routes for discovering Delta Phi Chi was different they all had one common goal in mind, to join and support the founders in bringing to fruition the aspiration and vision of ‘Rising from Sisterhood to Womanhood’. During NL-Alpha’s journey, they stood hand and hand, and strong through all adversities to transform into the Historical National Line Alpha whom is now and will forever be known as the 14 Treasurers of Prestige.