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Welcome FUTURE Sisters-In-Arms!!!

Operation Phoenix Initial Entry Training (I.E.T) is Delta Phi Chi’s Outreach Initiative developed to provide a practical support system for current and future Female Initial Entry Trainees in all branches of service, under the United States Armed Forces.  Operation Phoenix I.E.T is ran by dedicated members of Delta Phi Chi Military Sorority, Inc., whom are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces or have served honorably in the past.

The mission of Operation Phoenix I.E.T is to:

Ensure female recruits receive structured supportencouragement and empowerment needed to assist them in their journey transitioning into the United States Armed Forces, throughout and beyond.

Operation Phoenix I.E.T will accomplish this mission by:

  • Making contact with female recruits by establishing repoire with United States Armed Forces Recruiters in every city where Delta Phi Chi members are located.

  • Establishing a sense of “care,” encouragement and support bond with the female recruits.

  • Obtaining names of future recruits from Family, Friends, Co-Workers and Associates to inform them of Delta Phi Chi’s Operation Phoenix I.E.T. Initiative.

  • Connecting female recruits that would like to receive support, letters of encouragement, cards and care packages to designated members of Delta Phi Chi.

  • Attending Graduations of recruits, when authorized and/or invited, and presenting the recruits with a small token of gratitude and a Certificate of Achievement for completing their transition into the United States Armed Forces.

  • Extending an invitation to participate in our Transformation Intake Process (T.I.P) to recruits once they become permanent party within the United States Armed Forces.

  • **Recruits are NOT mandated to accept invitation for our Transformation Intake Process**

Initiative Qualities:

Looking at basic components is one way to get an overview of Operation Phoenix I.E.T.  Another equally valuable way is to assess the qualities that are most likely to create a meaningful, practical and successful initiative.  Many years of experience have demonstrated that to succeed in Initial Entry Training and Advanced Training, to maximize extent, a trainee must feel a sense of “care,” encouragement and support.  Sometimes this sense of care isn’t always available to trainees for various reasons. 

The following positive qualities have proven to create a particularly successful “care” environment, if incorporated into all aspects of an Initial Entry Training Initiative and are the FOCUS POINTS for Delta Phi Chi to the trainees:

  • Family-Like support from current and prior-service, female members.
  • Inspiring and caring members whom have experienced what they have.
  • Profound respect for intelligence of Trainees.
  • High standards and expectations.