Programs Initiatives

Operation R.U.B.Y- Raising, Understanding & Building (up our)Youth

Operation Ruby is Delta Phi Chi’s signature Military Child Initiative, for young ladies. Operation Ruby was established to Acknowledge, Highlight and Honor the important role military children play in the community and to provide mentors for children in military families. We understand that mentoring isn’t parenting, we can’t fill those shoes, and definitely not those boots. However, Operation R.U.B.Y was envisioned and developed as a little extra support to assist in developing social skills,  cultivating higher academic achievement and community engagement. Here in Delta Phi Chi, we truly believe “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Operation R.U.B.Y, is led by committed members, within each region, from Delta Phi Chi Military Sorority, Inc. With a strong passion for giving back to youth, our committee members ensure the importance of community service is demonstrated to R.U.B.Y Members. The leadership team mentors and provide valuable skills that assist R.U.B.Y Members with real life situations. From start to end of a Metamorphosis Cycle, the team looks forward to seeing the personal growth and self confidence R.U.B.Y Members develop and exude at they transform into a BUTTERFLY. Throughout the metamorphosis process, R.U.B.Y Members are provided multiple opportunities to engage in community service, social activities, and workshops. Each opportunity spans a variety of topics including Etiquette, Stem, Education, Finance and Social Awareness.

Operation R.U.B.Y consists of three tier levels: Junior Enlisted (Ages: 8-10), Senior Enlisted (Ages: 11-13) and Commissioned (Ages: 14-17). The mission of the Operation Ruby program consist of three parts:

  • MENTORSHIP: Delta Phi Chi members will Mentor our military youth as they go through challenging life transitions and provide them tools and life skills training that will lead to increased self-esteem and improved inter-personal skills. Studies have shown that youth that are mentored earn higher grades, have better school attendance and more positive attitudes. 
  • HONOR:  our youngest heroes (military children) for their commitment and sacrifice. Our Military youth deal with situations like having their parents in harm’s way when they deploy, long and repeated separations, missed birthdays, holidays and sporting events. Delta Phi Chi’s members will “bridge the gap” by hosting social functions that will allow our military children to experience future possibilities, in absence of their deployed service member, among their peers – led by dedicated members of Delta Phi Chi. 
  • SCHOLARSHIP: Annually Delta Phi Chi will award a deserving young lady with an academic scholarship. Student must be a graduating senior who will major in one of the following academic fields: Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM). Qualified applicants must:
    • Have a parent who is currently serving in the United States Armed Forces or a parent whom have served honorably in the past.
    • Have a 2.5 overall grade point average.
    • Plan to attend an accredited college or university.
    • *Being a member of Operation R.U.B.Y is preferred but optional.

The purpose of Operation R.U.B.Y is to empower our youth by assisting them to be better prepared for and to have confidence in their future endeavors as they transition from youth to young adulthood.

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S.T.A.R Program-Service Members Transition Assistance & Readiness Program 

The STAR Program was established to provide a FREE comprehensive, interactive, career training program, resources and job readiness assistance to our nation’s heroes. This program is available to service members transitioning out of the military, within 6 months, military spouses and veterans.

We will assist in job readiness by:

  • Hosting our Resume Boot Camps, in active regions, which will consist of Virtual and Physical Resume writing classes, Mock Interviews and Federal Resume writing assistance.
  • Assisting in Virtual job search and providing assistance with applying for jobs.
  • Networking & Collaborating with Federal and local agencies to ensure separating service members and veterans have accessible resources and appropriate tools to ensure their next step, is a successful one.

Program Eligibility:

  • Active Duty Service Member– Must be transitioning out of the United States Armed Forces within 6 months, with a honorable discharge.
  • Veterans-Must have received an honorable discharge from the United States Armed Forces.
  • Military Spouses-Must be the spouse of an United States Armed Forces Member

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