2018 PTSD Awareness 5K

1st Annual PTSD Awareness 5K Walk- Killeen, TX.

On 23 June 2018, we hosted our very 1st Annual Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness 5K Walk. The turn-out and support for this walk was nothing less than AMAZING. Delta Phi Chi felt the need  to make PTSD Awareness a part of our mission and to elevate its awareness because as the saying goes, “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.” This is especially true of PTSD.

No matter if we turn on our local news, listen to the radio or just talk to out brothers/sisters in arms surrounding us, you will see PTSD. There’s no distinct look, PTSD can look like anyone sitting next to you whom have experienced a traumatic event, and it’s prevalent across the news headlines more than ever now.  

Although well-intended, sometimes these sources paint an incomplete, misinformed picture of PTSD and even contribute to misunderstanding and sterotypes.  One of the biggest misconceptions is that PTSD only applies to service members. NOT TRUE! Anyone who experience a traumatic event can fit the description.

This is why it is critically important to raise awareness of what we really know about PTSD. This is why, we the Ladies of Delta Phi Chi plan to continue bringing PTSD to the light and making everyone AWARE and correctly informed.

Annually, we will host 5K PTSD Awareness Walks, during June, because it’s PTSD Awareness “Focus” month. However, our organization is challenging everyone to: 

a. continually promote public awareness and understanding of PTSD throughout the year.

b. to challenge their personal beliefs on PTSD and only repeat those that’s solidified with research.

c. to join forces with us or any organization out there to assist in bringing greater public awareness of PTSD. Doing so can help reduce the stigma of this mental health problem and overcome the negative sterotypes that keep many people from pursuing treatment.

Radio Interview w/ B106 Hip Hop &RnB- Killeen, TX.

On 16 June 2018, our Texas Cluster members, were interviewed by Ms. Toni Ringgold of B106 Hip Hop & RnB out of Killeen, TX. 

To all those living with PTSD, especially our Brothers/Sisters-In-Arms, SEEK HELP! Always remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, NOT WEAKNESS.

A $800.00 donation was presented to Central Texas Department of Veterans Affairs, PTSD Clinic. This money was raised from our 1st Annual PTSD Awareness 5K Walk.

Thank you to our MANY sponsors & supporters:


Jersey Mikes

Beef Loving Texans

Sam’s Club


Texas Veteran’s Commission

City of Killeen

DJ Spradley

Lambda Beta Alpha Military Sorority, Inc.

Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity, Inc.

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