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Delta Phi Chi Military Sorority, Inc.

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How to apply for membership in Delta Phi Chi Military Sorority:

STEP 1: Download and complete membership application located here. Once application is completed, attach all required documentation ensuring all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is concealed.

STEP 2: Application w/required documentation may be submitted in two ways:

Once application is submitted, please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. If you have not received communication within the allotted time frame. Please feel free to email us at

PLEASE NOTE: No documents will be returned.

STEP 3: If your application is accepted for participation in our Transformation Intake Process (TIP), you will be scheduled for an In-processing Interview.  After completion of your in-processing interview, if extended an invite for our TIP you will have 48 hours once invitation is received to accept or decline and pay your Initial Intake Fee and submit required documentation.

STEP 4: Once invitation is accepted, documentation submitted and fees are paid, you will be contacted by the Grand Membership Coordinator with further instructions. 

What to expect during the TIP:

The TIP is approximately 6 weeks in length. We believe very strongly in our intake process and understand that your time is valuable, so each step of the process was carefully selected to make the most of your time. The bonds between sisters are not created instantly so all aspects of our intake process are designed to foster all six of our sorority's ideals.

  • Delta Phi Chi is an anti-hazing sorority so you can expect to be treated with respect. In return, you are expected to respect the expectations and traditions of the sorority as well as our Sisters. Our sorority is founded on the belief that hazing is illegal, offensive, and an unacceptable practice. WE WILL NOT HAZE YOU! 
  • We utilize the Intake Process as a mean to acquaint our Sisters to the time and commitment required to be a Sister of Delta Phi Chi, so you can expect to have specific tasks and goals. These activities will teach you essential information about the organization and help you build friendships and memories to last a lifetime. If you are interested in becoming a member you should have approximately four to six free hours in your week to devote to the process. 
  • You will be provided with a schedule of events and activities at the beginning of the Intake Process. You are expected to participate in all events. 

Once the required TIP is complete, you will be scheduled for an Out-processing Interview.  Those who are accepted for membership will receive an invite for induction. You are required to accept/decline your invitation within 48 hours and pay your induction fee. Those not extended an invite for membership will receive a letter of rejection informing them of the reason/s why and further instructions if needed.

It’s important to keep in mind that participating in the TIP is in no way a commitment to join. It is simply a process that allows you to find out what the sorority is about, and to explore if the sorority suits your goals, ideals, and personality.

We, in Delta Phi Chi, know that each military sorority offers something different, and it is important that you join the organization that best suits you. For this reason, we encourage any woman interested in a military sorority to explore the different sororities before choosing one. By being informed, Delta Phi Chi believes that you will be able to choose the sorority that is right for you. Of course we would like to believe Delta Phi Chi is your best choice because we focus on the things that are important in your life now and in our military and veteran community, but read on to see for yourself! Remember that we are always available to answer your questions along the way!


Cluster Locations


Birmingham, AL.


Fort Carson, CO.

Peterson AFB

Schriever AFB


Jacksonville, FL.


Fort Gordon, GA.


Lake Charles, LA.

Terrytown, LA.


Rockville, MD.


Olive Branch, MS. 


Fort Bragg, NC.

Reidsville, NC.

Spring Lake, NC.


Charleston, SC.


Baytown, TX.

Fort Hood, TX.

Forest Hill, TX.

Desoto, TX.

Manor, TX.

Lancaster, TX.

Cypress, TX.


Langley AFB, VA.

Fort Eustis, VA.

Norfolk Naval Base, VA.