Leadership and Professional Skills:  Delta Phi Chi members are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills through the many different positions within the sorority.  Leadership positions within the sorority range from being a part of the new members mentorship team to leadership at the Chapter, Regional, National and Executive Board level. Sorority life teaches both cooperation and acceptance of responsibility as part of leadership development.  These lessons are very useful later on in life.   In addition to this, Delta Phi Chi hosts an annual Leadership Conclave and Quarterly Regional Conferences featuring workshops and speakers to help develop your leadership and professional skills. 

Meeting New people:  From the moment you make contact with women of Delta Phi Chi, you are with women who truly care for you. When you need a helping hand, it will be there. If you need a shoulder to cry on, there is always one close by. When good things come to you, others will share your happiness. The bonds you form with your Sisters are priceless, and cannot be replaced. If you are looking for genuine sisters, Delta Phi Chi is the military sorority for you .

Community Service Opportunities:  With the growing needs of our military members and their families, there’s always a need for service within our community. Being actively engaged in our military/veteran community is one of Delta Phi Chi’s utmost concerns. Quarterly, our members are required to complete a minimum amount of community service hours to ensure we are impacting and serving those whom have defended and served us. 

Social Events: When you are surrounded by people who celebrate your individuality and enjoy spending time with you, you will find that good times never go out of style. From having friends you can turn to when you need a good laugh, to participating in fun-filled events with Sisters, you can always count on good times when Sisters are involved. We have the power to choose to plan the kinds of events we are interested in so we know we will always have fun with our Sisters.

The Environment to Be Yourself: In Delta Phi Chi, we encourage you to always strive for the best in all that you do. This mean creating a style of your own by growing as an individual, developing your leadership and professional skills, and excelling!  As Women, this mean embracing and respecting the individuality of each other while supporting each other in our personal and professional growth. These supportive friendships are exactly why our letters will never go out of style!